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    Joist-O-Mech double-girder overhead travelling cranes offer you higher load capacity for a low deadweight. Complete crane design is done with specially developed CAD program & on computer. This facilitates modular design & helps provide faster design solution to specific requirement & solutions to consumer needs .. The particularly large lifting height is derived from the fact that the load hook can be raised between the two crane girders. Design layout & Machinery selection,Accessible crabs makes it easier for you to maintain the crane, but also ensure that your hall fittings such as lamps, heating elements or supply lines can be quickly and easily reached.
    1] Geometrically reliable during assembly owing bolted design.

    2] They offer the advantages of more height of lift as the hook can be lifted up between the girders.

    3] Particularly high performance due to the Unique double-girder design which enables high long and cross-travel speeds to be achieved

    4] Low deadweight reduces investment layout

    5] Possible fittings: Optional maintenance platform for maintenance of your building fittings and operation of the crane by means of radio control

    6] Owing to reliability and minimal maintenance, these cranes find their application in various industrial sectors

    Safe working Load
     250kg to 30 T
    Span Range
    Upto 40m
    Height of Lift
    As per customer's specifications
    Class of Duty
    Upto class IV(M8)
    Design Standards
    As per is 3177 & IS 807 .



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