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    The JOMECH Electric Wire Rope Hoists are manufactured as per world famous Hoist and cranes manufacturers M/s Munck International Of Norway .These Hoists are available in a wide range of Lifting Capacities varying from 0.25 Tonnes To 30 Tonnes.
    They confirm to Class II duty as laid down in IS 3938-1967 .

    Some of the special features are -
    1] Special < Quickbrake> adjusting system takes only a few minutes to adjust ,thus reducing down time.
    2] Trolley is so designed ,that it is adaptable to wide variations in I-Beam Sizes.
    3] Built-in safety limit switches control top & bottom positions of the hook.
    4] Hoists conforming to Class III AND Class IV are available.
    5] Hoist motors are designed for Class 'F' insulation which is superior to class 'A' ,'E' or 'B' types of insulations.

    Design Specifications -

    MOTOR - The motor is three phase squirrel cage conical rotor type working on 440 Volts , 50c/sec A.C. Supply
    This motor is specially designed for hoist and crane and is insulated by class "F" type of insulation
    according to B.S.: 2613 .The starting and stalling torques of this motor are 220 & and 290 % of the full load torque.The motor is rated at 40 % E.D.

    BRAKE - The axial movement of the rotor is one of the characteristics of the conical rotor type motor . This characteristic is taken advantage of in the actuation of the brake .When the motor is started the rotor is axially pulled into the magnetic centre of the stator and the brake is released .As soon as the current is cut off the brake spring presses the brake disc against the cover and the brake is applied. The braking torque is 100 % above the motor torque at the rated load.

    The maintenance and adjustment of the brake is very simple due to quickbrake system and can be done without removing any part. The brake disc and brake end cover are fitted with needle /roller bearings .The Brake disc and brake end cover both made of high grade cast iron and brake lining is of 'Ferrodo' type.

    GEAR BOX - The gear box is made out of high grade cast iron.The precision spur gears are machined from alloy steel and are fitted with ball/needle roller bearings.The gear box is filled with grease. ( Oil Lubricated gear box can be supplied
    if specifically asked).

    Rope Drum - The Rope drum is rolled welded and precision machined. The rope drum is supported on large diameter roller bearings on both ends and the drive is through internal gears . The ample drum diameter ensures the best possible working condition for the wire rope.

    Rope Guide - The rope guide is made of a special aliminium base alloy .The rope tightner is built-in in the rope guide itself . The rope guide moves on the drum like a nut and prevents the rope from overriding and loosening.

    Rope- Generally 6 X 37 Construction fibre core ,pre-formed type,ungalvanised wire rope is supplied .(Galvanised and steel core wire ropes can also be supplied, if specifically asked for.

    Main Housing - All hoist parts are enclosed in the main housing thus forming a better looking integral unit.The main housing like the rope drum is also of rolled and welded construction , equipped with mounting bracket.

    Limit Switches - Every hoist is provided with built-in limit switches to control the tope and bottom positions of the hook . Tappets can be adjusted to any position in between the range provided.These limit switches are actuated by the rope guide.

    Control - The hoist is controlled by a pendent push button .Supply to the pendent push button is of 110 Volts as per IS Specification.

    Microspeed- All Hoists can be fitted with a micro speed attachment which reduces the hoisting speed to 1/10th of the main hoisting speed.The main speed attachment works independent of the load and main hoist.There is a separate control for the micro speed.The arrangement is invaluable in the handling of bulky heavy and delicate loads.

    Testing - Every hoist unit before despatch is tested at 125% of the rated load capacity on single fall of rope.Only after all components pass the rigorous inspection tests,the hoist is approved for despatch.


    Safe working Load
    Upto 30 T
    Height of Lift
    Up to 30 m
    Class of Duty
    upto class IV(M8)
    Design Standards
    As per IS 3938



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    Hoist Electric Wire Rope, Hoist Electric Wire Rope Hoists, Hoists Hoist Electric Wire Rope, Hoists Hoist Electric Wire Rope, Hoist Electric Wire Rope Hoists India.


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