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  • Single Girder Eot Cranes
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  • Goliath / Gantry Cranes
  • Jib Cranes
  • Under Slung Cranes
  • Electric Wire Rope Hoists
  • Goods Lifts / Cage Hoists
  • "' M/s Joist-O-Mech are dedicated material handling expert. They have a vision to see beyond the traditional boundaries that often keep clients from reaching their goals and will create an actionable plan that will ensure the long-term profitability of your business through an understanding of your business’s fundamental needs, vision,product/service liability, and management of resources."
    Mr. B. B. Shah, Head Central Projects ,
    M/s Cipla Ltd.
    '' We confirm we have regular business with Joist-O-Mech for purchase of Electric Wire Rope Hoists for more than 12 Years during which the company has provided excellent quality ,on time delivery & technical support. They also  helped us in reconditioning of old Electric Hoists of over 25 Years old and putting them into operation".
    Mr. Anil Akolkar ,
    Manager Maintenance .LT Motors Division .
    M/s Crompton Greaves Ltd. Ahmednagar
    '' It gives me pleasure to express our appreciation for your extra ordinary performance of supplying us 6 Nos. , 10 T , 7.5 T Class IV Double Girder Eot Cranes in three months time from the date of approval of drawing & commissioning & handling over the same to us within two weeks from the date of starting the erection".
    Mr. Milind Phalnikar ,
    DGM-Material .
    M/s Bainite Machines Ltd. Mumbai.
    "We purchased Joist-O-Mech 7.5 T X Span 20m Class IV Single Girder Eot Cranes in the Year 2006 ,the Cranes are installed with Radio Remote Control.  Joist-O-Mech has been very prompt in responding to any call from us for service/ assistance and have been able to meet our requirement of spare parts as and when necessary on urgent basis."
    Mr. Anil Joshi ,
    Manager Maintenance,
    M/s Wartsila Ltd. Khopoli.
    '' Joist-O-Mech has supplied,erected & commissioned 2 T Cage Hoists/ Goods Lifts in the Year 2005. On the basis of its performance a repeat order was placed in the Year 2007 which was also commissoned on time. We are entirely satisfied with their services we wish them good luck in their business".
    Mr. Harish Savaikar,
    Sr.Manager Production, LT Motors Division
    M/s Crompton Greaves Ltd. , Goa.
    ''The 5 T Heavy Duty Eot Cranes installed by Joist-O-Mech at our plant are working to our satisfaction  & we are happy with the After Sales service provided by Joist-O-Mech last 8 Years inspite being located  in one of  the corners of the country.We wish Joist-O-Mech all success in their future endeavours "
    Mr. Rabindra Kumar Swain,
    Head Engineering
    M/s Cipla Ltd.Sikkim.
    '' We are associated with Joist-O-Mech for the purchase of 10 T Double Girder Eot Cranes & Electric Wire Rope Hoists for our Centrifuge Machine Manufacturing plants at Wada & Tarapur last 8 Years. We appreciate their involvement / Concern & quality of work from the time of the order till completion besides their prompt response as and when we approached them".
    Mr. S.R. Luthra,,
    M/s Sukhras Machines Pvt. Ltd.
    '' We found M/s Joist-O-Mech as very innovative & the results of their work were very encouraging in terms of productivity,quality and material handling .We look forward to continue utilizing their services in future  and strongly recommend them to major corporate houses"
    Mr.R. S. Swaminathan, Director
    M/s Spectrum Pharmatech Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
    '' We are very happy with Performance of  3 T Flameproof Cage Hoists / Goods Lifts installed by Joist-O-Mech in the Year 2000.Satisfied with its overall quality & performance  we placed repeat orders on them for 3 Nos. Flameproof Cage Hoists in the coming years.  "
    Mr.Sunny Patne,
    Manager Engineering Services,
    M/s Chembond Chemicals Ltd.Tarapur
    "It give us pleasure that over a period of 10 years Joist-O-Mech have supplied us 3 Nos, 3 T  Flameproof Goods Lifts / Cage Hoists for  our API  & PPI Plants at Barnala Punjab.We have placed repeat orders on them for 2 nos 3 T  Flameproof Cage Hoists in Year 2012, although Delhi manufacturers were nearest to Ludhiana  we preferred Joist-O-Mech. We rate them reliable, competent & well established vendor having rich experience in the Pharma & Chemical industry.”
    Mr. Neeraj Bakshi, Deputy Manager Purchase ,
    M/S IOL Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ludhiana Punjab.
    '' Joist-O-Mech has manufactured,installed & commissioned 3 T  X 25 mtr Span Double Girder EOT Cranes- 4 Nos. in Year 2007  for our Verna Goa Plant.We are satisfied with the product performance & after sales service provided by Joist-O-Mech last 5 Years. We hope to receive your continued support in coming years also"
    Mr.Sameer Madkaikar ,Head Projects,
    M/s Pentair Water Ltd. Verna Goa .
    '' Joist-O-Mech has supplied & installed an 2 T Flameproof Cage Hoist/ Goods Lift with Self supporting structure 
    of 40 Mtr.together with 3Nos. 2Mtr X 5Mtr. Long  Bridges connecting Lift structure & the main plant building connecting each floor  We highly appreciate their efforts of completing such an critical job within stipulated time ". 
    Mr. Anthony Rosario,Manager Maintenance,
    M/s Arkema Chemicals Ltd. Nerul (Formerly M/s Cray Valley Resins Ltd.)
    "This is to confirm Joist-O-Mech has designed, manufactured, supplied & erected 2 T, 180 Degree Rotation Self Supporting Column Mounted Jib Cranes for our Paper & Film Cores Manufacturing Plant at Patalganga in Year 2006. The crane service support provided by Joist-O-Mech last 06 Years has been professional and we are highly satisfied with their performance"
    Mr. Pravin Joshi ,Officer Projects,
    M/s Biltube Industries Ltd. Pune.
    '' Joist-O-Mech are one of the most knowledgeable material handling experts we have ever worked with. Their vast experience  can help any company out there looking for a way to increase production and help expand the bottom line.”
    Mr.Umesh Angadi , Sr. Manager Projects
    M/s NNE Pharmaplan Ltd. Mumbai.
    "Joist-O-Mech has executed repeat orders in supplying 2 T Goods Lifts / Cage Hoists - 3 Nos. at our Network & Communication product manufacturing plant at Goa in the Year 2005 & Year 2007.Last 7 Years Joist -O-Mech has responded to all our service calls on time whenever required on emergency basis".
    Mr. Sarvesh Kolwalkar , Head Engineering ,
    M/s Smartlink Network Systems Ltd, Verna Goa. [ Formerly D Link (I) Ltd.]
    " Joist-O-Mech has Manufactured,Installed & Commissioned an 2 T Goods Lift / Cage Hoist - 5 Nos. at our Formulation Plant at Baddi Himachal Pradesh in Year 2010. Joist-O-Mech proved invaluable in providing an overall design and supply solution in line with our specification,partnering with their Self balancing technology helped us to improve our  operating efficiencies and meet all our safety requirements".
    Mr. Jagdish .D, Manager - Engineering
    M/s Macleods Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Baddi Himachal Pradesh

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